Phys 784

Quantum Mechanics II

Time and Location

Tuesday, 4:30 pm-7:10 pm, 01/22-05/15, Robinson Hall B105

Office hours

Tuesday and Thursday 2:00-3:00 pm or by appointment, Planetary Hall, Rm 207


For the sake of continuity, I will continue to follow (only loosely) the book

Modern Quantum Mechanics, 2nd Edition, J. J. Sakurai, and J. J. Napolitano

and cover chapter 5 to 7. Plenty of materials from other sources will also be used.

Typos are abound in the book, proceed with caution.


Set 1, due Feb 12
solution 1
Set 2, due Mar 5
Set 3, due Mar 26


Homework (50%) + Midterm (25%) + Final exam (25%)

There will be 8 (or less) sets of homeworks. Late homework will not be accepted. Homeworks are graded on a coarse level: Excellent (5), Very Good (4), Fair (3), Absent (0).

Both exams will be open book, take-home.

Prerequisites & Course Goals

This course continues from Phys 684, Quantum Mechanics I (chapter 1 to 4 of Sakurai). We will apply the principles you learned from 684 to solve important problems found in AMO, condensed matter, and nuclear/particle physics. Most of these problems cannot be solved exactly, so we will focus on the art of approximations. Each approximation method will be illustrated by working out examples in detail. We will also develop concepts and techniques to treat many-body quantum systems. Time permitting, we will take a peek at quantum electrodynamics in its simple form (two-level atoms interacting with photons).

Topics (tentative)

1. Semiclassical expansion [done]

2.  Time-independent perturbation theory [done]

3.  Time-dependent perturbation theory [March 5 & 19]

4.  Scattering theory

5.  Identical particles, second quantization

6.  Quantization of electromagnetic field

7. Electron gas, interacting fermions

8. Cavity quantum electrodynamics